Jan 312014

The Year of the Horse is upon us. May the new year bring prosperity, success, and of course, many delicious eats!

Wish I were still in Taiwan to celebrate CNY!

Wish I were still in Taiwan to celebrate CNY!

Dec 312013

It’s almost 2014 in Taiwan already – just a couple of hours away! I’m really excited to be spending it here, but talking about San Diego makes me miss it a bit already, too. This past year has been full of yummy meals – S and I have settled on a few favorites, which I’ll recap here.

Where we eat for late-night dinners, or when we crave Taiwanese food/milk tea drinks:

Infini Tea

Iced Milk Drink with Pudding & Honey Boba ($3.85)
Infini Tea’s Iced Milk Drink with Pudding & Honey Boba

Infini Tea opened in the Spring and has quickly risen in popularity. Their most ordered item is the Iced Milk Drink – a copycat of LA’s Half & Half Tea House’s famous drink (post coming soon). It’s basically milk blended with ice to make a slushie, and sweetened with brown sugar syrup and served with typical milk tea toppings. We usually choose pudding and boba, or pudding and coffee jelly. I really enjoy this drink, and we also like most of the food items here, such as the Braised Pork or Five-Spice Beef.

Tea Garden

Tea Garden's Pork Chop over Rice

Tea Garden’s Pork Chop over Rice


Tea Garden’s Black Tea Latte

Tea Garden has been our go-to place for a couple of years now, actually. This spring, they moved to a new location just a couple of blocks from the old place, and have expanded their food and drinks menu. Above are two popular items: the Fried Pork Chop over Rice, and the Tea Latte, which is my favorite drink. It’s basically sweetened tea with a layer of foamed cream on top, sprinkled with sea salt. It’s recommended that you drink it from the rim without a straw, and taste the tea “through” the foam. Tea Garden makes the best version of this tea drink, compared with others that I’ve had. 

Both Tea Garden and Infini Tea open until late – at least 12AM on weeknights – so we visit for late-night or post-badminton dinner quite often. They are both great places to grab quick, cheap meals.

Tajima Ramen House

Tajima's Spicy Miso Ramen

Tajima’s Spicy Miso Ramen

The ramen here isn’t the most authentic, but I like the spicy miso here because it isn’t too salty like spicy miso tends to be. I like the soft-boiled egg, and the kakuni pork belly that you can add to the ramen. It’s fatty and delicious.

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Dec 252013

Christmas trees in 75°F San Diego


Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you all have a joyous and delicious day!

Dec 232013

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve been doing a bit more baking these days as part of my “getting into the holiday spirit”! Haha. I decorated our apartment a bit – a tabletop-sized Christmas tree from Trader Joe’s, stockings on our wall (no fireplace though), snowflake-shaped lights on our porch… it’s been quite fun! Here’s a photo that I stitched together of some our the decor:


Anyway, I was in the baking mood and decided to try making holiday cookies. I bought a set of holiday-shaped cookie cutters and really wanted to try them out. Previously, the only type of cookies I have ever made were drop cookies – for example, the basic chocolate chip cookie, where you just “drop” rounds of batter onto the baking sheet, and the cookie will spread into a circle. However, these usually can’t be used with cookie cutters to make fun shapes – for that, you’d need a more solid dough that can be cut. And being my ambitious self, I decided to try making Nutella sandwich cookies on my first attempt.



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Dec 312012

Wow, 2012 just flew right by. Last year on New Year’s Eve, S and I were sick – booooo! For our first meal of the New Year, we cooked frozen dumplings. Haha.

First meal of 2012

First meal of 2012

I moved from Berkeley to San Diego in March, and spent my last two months in the Bay Area eating as much as I could. Some of my favorite Berkeley/ Bay Area restaurants are:

The Brick Pig’s House


The Brick Pig's House

La Note



Gary Danko


Bakesale Betty’s



After moving to San Diego, S and I ate a lot of good food, discovering new restaurants and revisiting old favorites. It was difficult to compile a manageable list of our favorites from 2012, but here I’ve managed to round up some of the clear winners:

Carnitas’ Snack Shack

Pork sandwich (schnitzel, pulled pork, bacon, pepperoni, pickle relish, Shack aioli on a poppy seed bun), $9

Coop’s West Texas BBQ

Gelato Bus Stop



Manna BBQ

Camera 360


Ramen Yamadaya



Class 302 snowflake ice

I also did a bit of traveling, and ate a lot during my trips to Seattle and Texas.

Finally, I did a bit of baking and cooking:

BBQ chicken mac-n-cheese



Jam Kolaches


Salted caramel chocolate cupcakes

Vanilla mousse cheesecake



White chocolate macadamia nut cookies


It was definitely a delicious and memorable year, and I’m looking forward to another year of eating and learning in 2013! Thanks to everyone for reading and following, and happy new year!!




Dec 252012

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I hope that you are enjoying a break from school or work and enjoying some delicious food – even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. I love holidays of all sorts, and this year for Christmas, I went to visit my family in Texas.


My aunt from Hong Kong is spending the holidays with us as well, and she is one hell of a cook. She can whip up delicious and healthy meals for the whole family in under an hour. I’ve had homecooked food for the past week and enjoyed every bit of it.

Chopped bean sprouts with pork

Chopped bean sprouts with pork


Braised fish tail with tofu skin, mushrooms, and peanuts

Roast pork, fresh bamboo shoots, and mushrooms

Roast pork, fresh bamboo shoots, and mushrooms

Cucumber and parsley salad

Cucumber, mushroom, and parsley salad

Have you figured out yet that we like mushrooms? Haha.

Mochi with peanuts, sesame, and coconut filling

Mochi with peanuts, sesame, and coconut filling

My aunt also makes homemade mochi! They were so deliciously soft and chewy. We stuffed them with a mixture of ground peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, and chopped coconut flakes. I watched the whole process and will be trying to make them myself when I return to San Diego.

Finally, THIS happened today:


Merry Christmas everyone!

Jan 022011

WordPress sent me my blog stats for 2010 this morning.. and just wanted to thank all of you dear readers for making this blog possible! I look forward sharing a delicious 2011 with you!