Belgian Waffles at Cafe Hue

S and I have actually been to Cafe Hue a couple of times without ordering anything, since we were a bit deterred by their pricing. However, we were having dinner at Koon Thai Kitchen just a couple doors down from Cafe Hue one night, and I really wanted dessert. Belgian waffle sounded so good to me as I was eating my spicy-level-10 Drunken Noodles. So, off we went.

2013-08-04 19.20.59-4

2013-08-04 19.19.00-3

There’s a big display case of gelato. One thing I really like about this place is their exotic gelato flavors, such as green tea, taro, and black sesame. I’ve never tried the taro, but the black sesame was really good.

2013-08-04 19.16.23-2

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Chuao Chocolatier

Last month, the Chuao Chocolatier store at the UTC Westfield Mall closed due to zoning issues. I was pretty sad, but I was comforted to hear that the Bottega Italiana gelato shop would feature some of their chocolate bars and gelatos. The weekend before they closed, there was a 33% off everything sale, so a friend and I went to get my chocolate fix.

I’ve never had their “bonbon” chocolates before and decided to try a 5-piece sampler this time. They can put it into a gift box or a simple paper envelope – I should have chosen the prettier gift box.


I didn’t take great notes on the names of all these pieces, but after some investigation on the Chuao website, I believe they were Salted Chocolate Crunch, Spicy Maya, Crunchy Praline, Dulce de Leche, and Black & White. Each piece was really delightful – the chocolate is super smooth, and the fillings were really creative and added more depth to the piece of chocolate. My favorite was probably either the Salted Chocolate Crunch or the Crunchy Praline – the praline filling was so smooth and rich!

Also picked up a few chocolate bars…



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[SD Pacific Beach] Gelato Bus Stop

I usually come up with some sort of description in the post title, but today, I’m running low on creativity.  Oh well, the word “gelato” is probably good enough to catch your attention.

That’s right, gelato.  Mmm…

There were plenty of gelato places in Berkeley, my favorites being Gelateria Naia and Lush Gelato, both on Shattuck Ave. and a short walk from my home.  Ahh, how I miss that.

Since arriving in San Diego, I have kept a short list of dessert places to try, and Gelato Bus Stop has been my favorite so far.  Since trying it the first time a couple of months ago, SK and I have stopped by every time we eat in PB.

The first thing you see is actually the lineup of Nutella jars by the crepe-maker.  I like this place already.

The gelato case featured a mix of traditional and novelty flavors.  We tried the Galileo (Oreo cookies & vanilla lemon cream), Stracciatella (sweet cream & chocolate chunks), Columbus (Mascarpone, vanilla, & chocolate), Lazy Lemon (yogurt & crispy lemon paste), Tiramisu (self-explanatory, I hope), and Venetian Gondola (smooth caramel & light chocolate).

My favorites were the Galileo, Columbus, and Lazy Lemon – something about the lemon is just so good, the perfect blend of rich & creamy with fresh & fruity.  You could put 3 flavors into any sized cup (even small!) and is served with a crispy waffle cookie.

The bottom line?  Yum! :)

Gelato Bus Stop
1001 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA
(619) 578-3828

Sun-Thu: 11am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-12am

A sweet indulgence: Almare Gelato

Since I have started my lab rotation for the summer, I have not had much time to check out a lot of the restaurants in the area. However, there is always time (and room) for dessert, so one day I stopped by Almare Gelato in downtown. I am not quite sure what attracted me to the place.. maybe its black-and-white sign stood out amongst the others.. or maybe I just love gelato.

The shop is pretty small – two cases displaying all the gelato, a couple of tables, and a small counter facing the window, so you can stare outside while you eat (which I found a little odd, but I suppose it’s good for people-watching). There is also a shelf with some of their other products for sale, such as fresh jams.

Almare gelato

Gelato display case

One of the cases featured an assortment of gelatos, while the other had sorbets. Now someone may have to correct me, but I always thought that sorbets were water-based, not cream-based. However, many of their sorbets definitely looked very creamy. Perhaps I have always misunderstood, and sorbets are just defined by the fact that they have fruit?

Anyway, I decided to try a couple of flavors (unfortunately I forgot all the Italian names of the flavors, which were written on the display cards): sweet milk, panna cotta, hazelnut, and coconut. I eventually decided on sweet milk and hazelnut, combined in a small cup. Only 1 scoop allowed in a small cup, so I got half a scoop of each.

Almare gelato

Sweet milk and hazelnut gelato at Almare

The ‘creaminess level’ of the gelato was not as high as some of the places that I have had in Durham – this gelato was definitely more chunky than ice cream. I did miss a little bit of richness. However, I really enjoyed the flavors, in particular the sweet milk. Combining it with hazelnut was also a big win! I think the creativity and variety of the flavors would be my reason to come back.