Apr 072014

I’ve been thinking about mini donuts for a while – they’re super adorable, and since each one is so tiny, it can’t be all that bad to eat one… or two… or maybe ten, right? Well, my dear sister gifted me with a mini donut pan a while back, and I finally put them to good use and match a batch of cinnamon sugar donuts!


I had never made donuts before, either baked or fried, so I turned to my trusty blogger buddy’s recipe on Kirbie’s Cravings for the donut base. I had cinnamon on my mind, though, so I dipped them in cinnamon sugar as a topping. 


I was really surprised at just how many donuts the recipe made! I didn’t read it super carefully because I was so excited to be making donuts, haha. I was thinking that I really needed another mini donut pan so that I could bake more at once. The recipe below made about 48 mini donuts, which meant 4 rounds of baking in my 12-cavity pan

I didn’t mind too much, though, because these were so delicious – especially when they were hot – so I kept sneaking freshly-baked donuts while I was waiting for the pan to cool for the next batch! I hope you enjoy them as much as S and I did!

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Mar 242014

I’m really lucky to be part of a lab that loves cooking and eating, and we get to “showcase” our cooking skills through themed potlucks! It’s a really fun tradition; some of the themes we’ve had were: signature dishes from cities, foods that incorporate beer, all-American potluck, pork-luck… among many others. Recently, we had a potluck with the theme “foods from childhood.” I thought long and hard about what to make, since I just remember eating “normal” Chinese food for most of my childhood, haha. And then I remembered – pizza rolls! I had a love-hate relationship with pizza when I was a kid; I really hated cheese on normal pizzas, but in pizza rolls I thought it was great. I was a weird kid I guess… Anyway, as a kid I only had frozen pizza rolls, but now it seemed easy enough to make my own.


I received some coupons from Pillsbury a while back to test out some of their pizza crust products – what a great chance to test these out! I was short on time that day, so I also used pre-bought pizza sauce from Trader Joe’s.


They didn’t turn out too pretty, but the taste was delicious! And that’s all that really mattered to me and my labmates, haha.


I left five rolls at home for S to try, since he wasn’t able to attend the potluck. I figured he’d probably eat one or two at most (since he’s not a huge pizza fan) and I’d still have some left over. To my surprise, they were all gone when I came home! I was pretty flattered that he liked them, hehe.

These are super easy to put together, and they brought me back to childhood. I’ll definitely be making these again as an appetizer or party snack!

Disclaimer: I was sent coupons for a complimentary can of Pillsbury pizza crust. I was not otherwise compensated for the post.

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Feb 052014

A few months ago, I posted about Melt Organic Spread, a butter alternative. I had a great experience with it in both sweet and savory applications, and I have been replacing butter with Melt in some of my cooking ever since I tried it out. Now, Melt is hosting a giveaway for my readers to win a prize package, including a spreader, cutting board, and two VIP coupons for free Melt spread.


To enter the giveaway: simply visit the Melt Organic giveaway page, enter your name and email, and select that you follow the blog Jinxi Eats. That’s it! Melt Organic will choose a winner in early March. Good luck!

Meanwhile, I got a cool new toy recently from a dear friend…


A Babycakes cake pop maker! I see these online and in stores all the time, but never purchased one because I didn’t know how well it would work. Well, apparently these cake pop makers are all the rage among Taiwanese ladies in the U.S., because they can make a variety of Asian treats, including “egg cakes” (雞蛋糕), a popular Taiwanese street-food snack.

Egg cakes

Taiwanese egg cakes are vaguely reminiscent of Hong Kong egg waffles or egg puffs. They should be browned and crispy on the outside and have a soft, fluffy interior. No frosting is needed for these mini cakes – the point is to let their “eggy” taste come through.

Even if you don’t have a cake pop maker, which conveniently has the holes/molds for egg cakes, you can make them in a mini muffin pan or mini popover pan. The batter is super easy to make, and uses simple ingredients that can be found in most pantries – and I used Melt Organic Spread in place of butter for these egg cakes! The base recipe comes from a good friend of mine, who is an amazing cook. (I am so jealous of her family who get to eat her homecooked meals and snacks everyday!

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Feb 022014

Need a last-minute recipe idea for Super Bowl entertaining? I must admit, I have been too busy these days to prepare and test special recipes. But I was fortunate to receive a few coupons for Pillsbury Crescent dinner rolls, so I put those to use for game day snacks!


I used one can of the original Crescent dinner rolls and one package of Japanese mini-sausages; the slightly sweet rolls paired perfectly with the smoky, salty mini sausages. I’m thinkin’ these would make great appetizers, too.

Ready to bake!

Ready to bake!


Fresh out of the oven

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Dec 232013

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve been doing a bit more baking these days as part of my “getting into the holiday spirit”! Haha. I decorated our apartment a bit – a tabletop-sized Christmas tree from Trader Joe’s, stockings on our wall (no fireplace though), snowflake-shaped lights on our porch… it’s been quite fun! Here’s a photo that I stitched together of some our the decor:


Anyway, I was in the baking mood and decided to try making holiday cookies. I bought a set of holiday-shaped cookie cutters and really wanted to try them out. Previously, the only type of cookies I have ever made were drop cookies – for example, the basic chocolate chip cookie, where you just “drop” rounds of batter onto the baking sheet, and the cookie will spread into a circle. However, these usually can’t be used with cookie cutters to make fun shapes – for that, you’d need a more solid dough that can be cut. And being my ambitious self, I decided to try making Nutella sandwich cookies on my first attempt.



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Dec 182013

It’s been such a long time since my last recipe post! I’ve been doing a lot of recipe discovery lately, trying to fit in the winter/holiday theme. I don’t usually do much holiday prep, but trying to get into it a bit more this year.

Butternut squash is one of my favorite winter squashes. It has such a warm and hearty flavor, and it’s great in everything from soups to stir-fries to dessert! Recently, I came across a recipe for butternut squash quick-bread and knew immediately that I had to try it.


The squash is first roasted with butter and brown sugar, then puréed and incorporated into a quick bread flour mixture with plenty of spices. I absolutely loved the taste. It was rich and moist, and I had originally thought to serve it with a dollop of cream cheese, but it turned out delicious on its own.


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Aug 262013

Short and sweet baking post today! A friend of mine recently wanted to try his hand at baking, and so our first venture was actually cookie butter white chocolate chip cookies (boy, that’s a mouthful). After his success, he suggested that we come up with a recipe for cookies with green tea, since he had green tea cookies in Japan and wanted to make his own. I told him that I couldn’t promise to re-create the experience, but we’ll make cookies. Haha. I found matcha tea powder from Ranch 99 (forgot which brand), and we decided to also add some white chocolate chips.


For these cookies, we added 2 tablespoons of green tea powder for 2 dozen cookies. They did not turn out as green as I had hoped, so next time I would definitely add some more powder just for the color. The green tea taste was there, though, and it complemented the white chocolate chips quite well.


My friend and I enjoyed these chewy and soft green tea cookies. I hope you like them too! Continue reading »

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