Sep 032014

I’ve been thinking of ways to mix up our weeknight dinners at home, since I normally cook pretty much the same few dishes that S and I both enjoy (such as soy-braised pork, quick sautées and stir-fries, and easy pastas). Recently, I was given the chance to sample some offerings from Kennedy’s Karne, a local butcher shop based right in Escondido! Their specialty is Mexican food and specifically, carne asada.


S and I were pretty excited to try making Mexican food, since it’s not something that we usually eat at home. It turned out to be a really fun “taco night” for the two of us! 


I received a really generous sampler package, which included not only meat, but also sides – rice, beans, tortillas, salsa, guacamole, and chips!

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Sep 012014

As promised last week, here’s Part 2 of my recap of DiningOut SD’s 10th Anniversary Party, held at The Headquarters at Seaport District! I started off the evening with drinks and tacos from Puesto, and moved on to the courtyard, where several other restaurants and shops had booths set up with samples.

The first one we came across immediately captured my attention – a table full of desserts from Seasons 52!

Seasons 52 desserts

Seasons 52 desserts

I’ve dined at Seasons 52 once, but didn’t get the desserts. They looked so adorable in the shotglasses!

Ghiradelli Chocolate S'more

Ghiradelli Chocolate S’more

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Mocha Macchiato

Mocha Macchiato

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon

J and I decided not to be overly gluttonous, so each of us chose one of the dessert shots. He immediately went for the Red Velvet, which was quite good (although I didn’t like the raspberry). I had a hard time deciding between, well, pretty much everything, but in the end, the toasted meringue atop the Meyer Lemon cake won me over. The lemon cream was smooth, bright, and not overly sweet, and the meringue added a lighter texture to the whole “dessert shot.” I would definitely order this again in a flash!

We moved on to the next table – Venissimo. I love this cheese shop and was excited to try out their samples!

Venissimo owner

Venissimo owner

The owner himself (I didn’t quite catch his name) was manning the station. There were several platters of cheese samples and tartlets!


England Farmhouse Cheddar, Mini Apples in Calvados

Farmhouse Cheddar (England), Mini Apples in Calvados

loved these mini apples! I think soaking them in Calvados (an apple brandy) intensified the flavor 100 times! The Farmhouse Cheddar paired nicely with the apple. 

Abbaye de Belloc (France), Lychees in Passion Fruit Liquor

Abbaye de Belloc (France), Lychees in Passion Fruit Liquor

We circled back to Venissimo a little bit later, and they had a different cheese for sampling – the Abbaye de Belloc, which is a rich and creamy sheep’s milk cheese. I’m not a fan of lychee, though, so I’m not sure how the pairing was.

I’ve saved the best offerings from Venissimo for last, though… these little mini tarts!

Gorgonzola Dolce with Lavender Confit

Gorgonzola Dolce with Lavender Confit

Bucherondin , Hazelnut-Cacao Nut Butter, Honey-Almond Cherry Jam

Bucherondin , Hazelnut-Cacao Nut Butter, Honey-Almond Cherry Jam

The Gorgonzola dolce one was so good – well, if you’re a fan of stinky cheese. I thought that the pungent cheese was perfectly offset by the lavender confit, and the texture was so luscious and creamy. I totally went back for 2 more of them. The other tartlet was on the sweeter side, made with Bucherondin, which was a mild goat cheese with a brie-like texture. Both of these were really yummy, but oh man, that Gorgonzola. (S is probably feeling really relieved now to have been out of town… he can’t stand stinky cheeses, haha.)

Venissimo selections!

Venissimo selections!

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Aug 292014

Recently, I was invited to attend DiningOut San Diego‘s 10th Anniversary celebration party! It sounded like a super fun event, held at The Headquarters at Seaport District. Unfortunately, S was out of town that day, so I brought along my food-loving friend, J. He took a bunch of pictures throughout the event – and they turned out gorgeous (I was too busy eating to pay much attention to pictures…)! He was kind enough to let me use some of them for this post. Thanks, J!

There were so many pictures from this event that I decided to split this recap into two posts. 

The Headquarters at Seaport District

We arrived around 6PM to see all the tables set up and ready in the courtyard.


There was a VIP hour from 6-7PM, with margaritas and tacos on Puesto’s patio. This post will be mostly about Puesto’s offerings!



Chips, Ceviche, Salsa

Chips, Ceviche, Salsa



In addition to the salsa and ceviche, there was also some guacamole. I was hoping that it’d be the famous crab guacamole (I know, I’m allergic, but I just wanted a tiny bit to taste!), but it was just the regular, haha. The ceviche was pretty good, not sure which type of fish, but it was bright and flavorful.

There were also margaritas being passed around, so I snagged one…



The margarita was made with Maestro Dobel tequila, one of the sponsors of the event. It was quite delicious!


Of course, copies of DiningOut SD were everywhere! I took a copy home to peruse.

There was also an assortment of Puesto’s famed tacos that were being passed around by some awesome servers! I tried several ones, including the Filet Mignon, Zucchini Blossom & Cactus, and Chicken Verde.

Filet Mignon tacos

Filet Mignon tacos

Zucchini Blossom & Cactus tacos

Zucchini Blossom & Cactus tacos

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Aug 252014

Santouka is a ramen shop that’s found in pretty much every Mitsuwa Marketplace, including the one in San Diego. (I’ve mentioned this before, but SD’s Mitsuwa is so small compared to the ones in Torrance and Costa Mesa! Sadface. Well, at least we do have Santouka.) I’ve had the ramen here several times already, but never got around to posting about it… so here’s a recap of our latest visit.


It’s been a while since S and I have had a ramen craving… I guess there was a period of time last year when we had ramen almost every week, so this was our first ramen in months.

Santouka - Tokusen Toroniku Ramen Combo

Tokusen Toroniku Ramen Combo with Cha-shu Rice Bowl

We decided to share a combination, which is your choice of ramen with a rice bowl. The options for ramen are: Shio (salt), Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso (soybean paste), and Tokusen Toroniku (“choice pork”). The options for the rice bowls are: Negi (green onion), Ikura (salmon roe), Natto (fermented soybean), and Cha-shu. We picked the Tokusen Toroniku ramen with Cha-shu rice.

Santouka - Tokusen Toroniku Ramen

Tokusen Toroniku Ramen

Santouka - Tokusen Toroniku Ramen

Tokusen Toroniku Ramen

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Aug 222014

Last post from my June Vegas trip! S and I often stay at The Venetian hotel, since we can usually get a pretty good deal for rooms through Priceline. One of the “casual” restaurants that we like in The Venetian is Noodle Asia – after all, a good bowl of beef noodle soup is a great hangover cure… hehe.

Noodle Asia

When we first visited this place two years ago, we weren’t sure how the food would be – and it turned out to be a pretty pleasant surprise! Since then, S and I have recommended it to several friends, haha. I actually have some photos from my initial visit in 2012, which I’ll share at the end. 

Noodle Asia - Jellyfish Salad

Jellyfish Salad [$10.95]

This was quite possibly the most expensive jellyfish salad I’ve ever had… Nevertheless, it was a refreshing start to the meal. The seasoning was a good balance of salty and tart, with just a hint of spicy, although the flavors were a bit mild overall. 

Noodle Asia - Szechwan Beef Noodle Soup

Szechwan Beef Noodle Soup [$13.95]

The specialty of Noodle Asia, beef noodle soup. The broth was quite rich – it had definitely been simmered for a while with soy sauce, beef stock, and soy bean paste to generate the deep flavors – and the beef was nice and tender. The noodles tasted like they were made in-house, which is awesome! They had a good “bounce” to it, characteristic of handmade noodles. The soup wasn’t spicy at all (to me), even though it’s branded as “Szechwan”-style, which should have more heat… But other than that, no complaints about this BNS.

Noodle Asia - Pai Goo (pork chop) Noodles

Pai Goo (pork chop) Noodle Soup [$13.95]

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Aug 202014

Today’s Snacks Series is – cue gasp – not about Greek yogurts! S and I are taking a small break from all the different Greek yogurt brands and have largely settled on Chobani and Tillamook as our favorites! We’re still trying out new stuff, but at a much slower pace than before… So, I thought it’d be a good chance to round up a few other snacks that I’ve enjoyed recently! 

Taikae Seasoned Seaweed

Taikae Thick-Cut Seaweed

Seaweed is one of my favorite snacks, since it’s super tasty and has the added benefit of being healthier than potato chips. I’m always looking for new variations, and recently I tried these Taikae brand chips from 99 Ranch. Thick, crunchy slices of seaweed is crusted with pepper powder, giving it a pretty intense kick. There’s also a soy sauce flavor available, if pepper isn’t your thing! (Also, for my Taiwanese readers out there, don’t you love the name Taikae? :P )

Calbee Seasoned Fries

Calbee Fries – Salad Flavor

I believe I bought this potato snack from Nijiya Market. The texture was a little bit strange to me, because it was a little bit too crunchy and hard. The “salad” flavor was interesting – I think it was a lot of dehydrated vegetables, like carrot, onions, and scallions. I would have liked the seasoning on chips or something.

Meltykiss Whips - Strawberry

Meltykiss Whips – Strawberry

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Aug 182014

Well, I recently found out that one of my good friends is semi-obsessed with chicken wings… as in, she’d eat them everyday for lunch if she could (or something like that, haha). So, after discovering this, we decided to go to Dirty Birds in Pacific Beach sometime. Actually, she was with me on my first visit to Dirty Birds, which left me with generally favorable impressions.

Dirty Birds

We decided on a late Tuesday night dinner, after an evening of badminton/exercise, with hopes that it wouldn’t be super crowded by 10PM. Unfortunately, the place was still quite busy – I guess the Tuesday all-day happy hour (half price wings and domestic pitchers) is too good of a deal for lots of people.

Dirty Birds

We ended up waiting about 20 minutes and snagged a row of seats by the window counter before we could get an actual table. There were four of us, which made conversation somewhat awkward – especially considering that the place was pretty loud.

No one was interested in a domestic pitcher (as in, Coors Light), but my 3 dining companions all ordered a draft to drink…

Dirty Birds

I can’t remember what the dark beer was, but the one on the right is the Green Flash 30th St, which I really liked. Not pictured is T’s Stella Cidre – I’m not a big fan of ciders, so I guess I wasn’t interested in photographing it… haha.

We ordered an appetizer to share, the loaded tater tots…

Dirty Birds - Loaded Tots with Pulled Pork

Loaded Tots with Pulled Pork [$8]

I also ordered the exact same thing during my last visit – the tater tots are super crispy, and topped with a hard-to-fail combo of cheese, barbecue sauce, and pulled pork (you can also choose sliced steak or diced bacon for the meat). If you love tater tots, this is a must-try here.

For the wings, S, A, and I decided to share twenty pieces, which are normally $22, but since it was Tuesday, cost only $11!

Dirty Birds - Lemon Pepper & Fireball wings

Lemon Pepper & Fireball wings

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Aug 152014

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S and I were both craving Indian food one of these past days, and we decided to check out a new place instead of just going to our usual, Punjabi Tandoor (although I’ve been wanting to try some new things there, too!). A friend recently suggested Bawarchi Dosa, so we headed over to try it out.


It’s located next to an Indian grocery store on Black Mountain Road, near the Miramar Road intersection. The outside looked slightly run-down, but I was optimistic.


The inside was actually quite clean; if you look closely, the restaurant part is actually located inside of a small mall-like building. I believe there was a large space for group events, and an entrance to the grocery store? (Not so sure about that part.)

Our server was very friendly and made some recommendations for us regarding the menu. We knew that we definitely wanted to try the dosa – it’s a south Indian specialty, a fermented crepe made from rice and black lentils. We also considered sticking to south Indian cuisine tradition and order the vegetarian options, but S wasn’t in the mood for vegetarian (the question is, is he ever?). So, our server recommended that we can order one of their “combos” in the South Indian Non-Veg section.

Bawarchi Dosa - Dosa with Goat Curry

Dosa with Goat Curry [$14.99]

Plain Dosa

Plain Dosa

We chose the combo with plain dosa and goat curry. The dosa was served warm, and it was nice and crispy.

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Aug 132014

It’s summer, and I am currently obsessed with lemons. I’ve been thinking of new ways to use lemon in my cooking and baking, but the other day, I had a craving for just good old lemon meringue pie.


And then I thought, why not make mini versions? Because mini pies (or as I like to call them, pie-lets) are adorable. And I do love things that are delicious and adorable!


I adapted a simple lemon meringue pie recipe from one of my favorite chefs, Alton Brown, and made it miniature-sized! The meringue part didn’t come out as pretty as I had hoped – I should have piped it instead of simply spooning it over the lemon curd – but it was yummy, and that’s all that mattered in the end, I suppose.


As you can see, the meringue tops are baked until browned, which is the way I like it. However, if you prefer the meringue top a little less baked, you can always shorten the baking time by a couple of minutes.

I used a mixture of Meyer and regular lemons in this recipe, to lessen the acidity, and thus reduced the sugar by a little bit. One of my friends thought that it wasn’t sweet enough, but the sweetness was just right for my preference. If you have a sweet tooth, I’d recommend adding another 1/6 cup of sugar.

I thought that I’d satisfied my lemon craving after making these, but it did just the opposite – now I’ve got ideas for even more lemony desserts! I’ll be trying them out in the upcoming weeks and hopefully sharing them with you!

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Aug 112014

Another post today from my recent Vegas trip, which happens to be the last meal we had there – Gordon Ramsay BurGR, located in Planet Hollywood. You’ll probably see a huge line when you’re there, but that’s actually for parties of two, only. If you have a larger group than 2, you can go to the front and leave your phone number – when your table is ready, they will send you a text message! It was quite convenient since we could walk around the casino or the Planet Hollywood shops while we waited. Around lunchtime on Monday, the wait actually wasn’t so bad – around 20 minutes.

BurGR - Front of restaurant

Front of restaurant

BurGR - Bar area

Bar area

I was quite amused when I opened up my menu, to see this… haha.

But here’s the actual menu. You can also see it online.


A couple of my friends decided to get drinks – one of them ordered a La Fin du Monde beer, while the other went the sweet route and ordered one of the milkshakes. 

BurGR - La Fin du Monde beer and Shake #4

La Fin du Monde and Shake #4 – crème brûlée pudding, Oreo shake, Oreo cookie [$9]

I didn’t try the beer, but the milkshake was amazing! I loved the pudding + Oreo combination. The crème brûlée pudding layer was really delicious, as it had a nice “eggy” flavor which I like. My friend wished that they two parts could have been mixed together more, though.

We decided to share an appetizer – the “Honey-Pig Bao Buns,” which is BurGR’s rendition of the Taiwanese snack, gua bao

BurGR - Honey-Pig Bao Buns

Honey-Pig Bao Buns: roasted pork belly, cucumber, radish, cilantro, honey-hoisin sauce [$13]

This tasted pretty different from the traditional Taiwanese version (according to my friend, at least; I’ve never had this in Taiwan), but I actually liked the flavors a lot. The pork was melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the honey-hoisin sauce was a perfect balance between salty and sweet. The buns were actually steamed quite nicely, too; they weren’t too “gummy” or dry. So even though it wasn’t authentic, all of us really enjoyed it.

Hell's Kitchen Burger: asadero cheese, roasted jalapeño peppers, avocado, oven roasted tomato [$14]

Hell’s Kitchen Burger: asadero cheese, roasted jalapeño peppers, avocado, oven roasted tomato [$14]

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