Apr 142014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 5

Gonna wrap up my Taiwan travel posts now with a couple more restaurants, and some miscellaneous photos of cutesy things… Chun Shui Tang (春水堂) is purportedly the originator of the now-famous bubble milk tea. Apparently this is a topic of hot debate in Taiwan, so I’ll try to stay out of the controversy, haha. But [...]

Mar 162014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 4

Taiwan has amazing street food. It’s one of the things I miss the most! I’ve already shared about takoyaki (octopus fritters) in the previous recap… Here are a couple more favorites: This place, “Hit Cookie Home” (a literal translation from the Chinese 打餅鋪) is found in the Yi-Zhong street market of Taichung. They’re not actually [...]

Feb 192014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 3

Yup, I’m still working my way through my Taiwan photos. Looking back, I didn’t even get pictures of everything that we ate… too bad. At least the memory of them will stay with me until my next trip, hehe. On my first visit to Taiwan, S’s parents took us to a really nice Korean BBQ [...]

Jan 272014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 2

Continuing with my Taiwan trip, I wanted to share a few more food-related adventures… In S’s hometown, Fengyuan, there’s a downtown market/shopping area called Miao Dong (廟東). There’s a hidden gem inside that S’s parents discovered a couple of years ago… Sashimi in Taiwan is really delicious, and really cheap compared to the US, so [...]

Jan 202014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 1

For winter vacation this year, S and I visited his family in Taichung, Taiwan. We spent two weeks there and had a really great time – the weather was quite nice (although apparently San Diego is even warmer), and we even got to spend New Year’s at the beach in Kenting, the southernmost part of [...]

Dec 252012
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear readers! I hope that you are enjoying a break from school or work and enjoying some delicious food – even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. I love holidays of all sorts, and this year for Christmas, I went to visit my family in Texas. My aunt from Hong Kong is spending the [...]

Jul 122012
[Travel] Snapshots of food in Seattle

Sorry for the lack of update in the past couple of weeks!  I’ve been pretty busy, and ever since we set up our kitchen, I haven’t gone out to eat much – and I’ll be starting some recipe posts soon, so stay tuned ^^ S and I visited our dear friend in Seattle last week, [...]

May 272012
[Dallas-Fort Worth] A snapshot of food in Texas

I was in Texas for my sister’s college graduation (congrats!!) and Mother’s Day, and of course, in addition to spending time with friends and family (and catching up on sleep), I enjoyed a lot of great food.  Here I present to you some of my favorite meals from the week! Starting off with Chinese food: Warm [...]

Mar 052012
[Las Vegas] Fleur at Mandalay Bay

**All photos from this post are courtesy of ekimc. My first catch-up post is from waaaaaay back.  As in, Thanksgiving of 2011.  I spent my holiday in Las Vegas with S., our college buddies, and friends from San Diego.  It was a pretty exciting weekend, but this blog is about the food ;) We decided [...]

May 312011
End-of-April San Diego visit

I was in San Diego for S’s birthday weekend, and we had quite a few food adventures. I went to my ‘must-go’ places (Phil’s, Yakitori Yakyudori, Tacos el Gordo) and visited a few new restaurants. All in all, a very delicious weekend. Here are some recaps of the weekend. (I only took photos at the [...]