Aug 082014
Spicy City revisit

First up, an announcement: I am doing an Instagram giveaway today! Be sure to follow jinxieats for details on how to enter! :)  — It’s been quite a long time since I visited Spicy City, one of the most popular Sichuan restaurants in San Diego. S and I recently went with a couple of friends, and we ordered some [...]

May 142014
Szechuan Chef

Recently, a friend of ours had a birthday celebration/get-together – she wanted Sichuan food, and we decided to try out Szechuan Chef, a relatively recent (opened last summer) Sichuan cuisine addition to Convoy St. These Sichuan restaurants all have three-character Chinese names, and sometimes I get them mixed up… Szechuan Chef’s Chinese name is also [...]

Oct 142013
FuAn Garden

A couple of weeks ago, S and I went with a couple of our friends to check out the San Diego Night Market in the Zion parking lot… and were sorely disappointed by the lack of variety in food booths, the food booths running out of most items, the long lines, and huge crowd. I [...]

Dec 212012
Spicy City revisit

My father came to visit San Diego recently, and while I would usually never take visitors coming from Asia to eat Chinese food, my dad can’t live without it. So S and I decided to revisit one of our favorites, Spicy City. We haven’t gone in a while because we’ve been trying to eat less [...]

Jun 252012
[SD Kearny Mesa] Szechuan food at Dede's Teajuice City

I love Szechuan cuisine, and actually one of my favorite Szechuan restaurants is 35 Chinese Restaurant in North Carolina.  In the Bay Area, my favorite was Great Szechuan Restaurant (川味王) in the Pacific East Mall plaza in Richmond.  Here in San Diego, I have tried Spicy City and did not find it too impressive.  Recently, I visited Dede’s Teajuice [...]

Aug 162011
Spices 3 in Oakland Chinatown: Not So Spicy

As you probably already know, I love spicy food and Szechuan cuisine. So, I was very excited to try Spices 3 (辣妹子) in Oakland Chinatown. First impressions of the restaurant actually weren’t so great: the place was small and mostly empty on a Sunday evening, and it was rather dimly lit and depressing. But I was still [...]

Jan 052011

I have wanted to try Spicy City since the second time I visited San Diego, back in November. However, both times Sid and I have gone there, the line had been so long that we left in disappointment. On New Year’s Eve, I was determined to get a table – so we showed up just [...]

May 152010
Gourmet Kingdom: 'chuan-food

Finally made it to Gourmet Kingdom in Carrboro the other day for one of my good friends’ birthday lunch. I had been looking forward to trying out this place since everyone compares it to 35 Chinese Restaurant so much. We had eight people and ordered 2 ‘appetizers’ (cold dishes) and 7 entrees. Of course, plenty [...]

Aug 062009
35 Chinese, Part II

Went back to 35 Chinese with a different group – this time, with people who were more tolerant of spicy foods (yippee!). We still ordered the same appetizers: 夫妻肺片/ sliced roast beef and tendon (fuqi feipian) and 蒜泥白肉 / sliced pork belly in garlic sauce (suan’ni bairou). Otherwise, I think most of the dishes were [...]

Jul 162009
35 Chinese Restaurant

After yum cha at HK Chinese Restaurant, we still weren’t quite satisfied with our fill of Chinese food, so we decided to make a trip to Cary for 35 Chinese Restaurant’s Szechuan cuisine. (Note: there are two 35 Chinese Restaurants in the area, one in Cary and one in Chapel Hill. What I’ve heard is [...]