Apr 142014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 5

Gonna wrap up my Taiwan travel posts now with a couple more restaurants, and some miscellaneous photos of cutesy things… Chun Shui Tang (春水堂) is purportedly the originator of the now-famous bubble milk tea. Apparently this is a topic of hot debate in Taiwan, so I’ll try to stay out of the controversy, haha. But [...]

Apr 022014
[Recipe] Cold Sesame Noodles (feat. Marukan Rice Vinegar)

Here’s another easy weeknight dinner recipe – cold sesame noodles! This is one of my favorite Chinese dishes, and I’ve ordered it before at Yes! Pingo and Infini Tea. However, I wanted to try making my own version, and it turned out to be super simple and delicious.  For the main ingredients, I used shredded [...]

Mar 262014
Bao's Awesome Burgers & Sandwiches revisit

Bao’s Awesome Burgers & Sandwiches, or BABS for short, is one of my favorite “hidden gems” in San Diego. S and I really enjoy their burgers, which are a little different from a standard burger as you’ll see later in this post. It had been a while since our last visit, and when I read [...]

Mar 162014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 4

Taiwan has amazing street food. It’s one of the things I miss the most! I’ve already shared about takoyaki (octopus fritters) in the previous recap… Here are a couple more favorites: This place, “Hit Cookie Home” (a literal translation from the Chinese 打餅鋪) is found in the Yi-Zhong street market of Taichung. They’re not actually [...]

Mar 102014
[Cooking] Slow-Cooker Meals Round-up

I don’t have much time to cook on weeknights, so I’m always in search of simple or time-saving meals. Thankfully, I have a slow-cooker, which is one of my favorite kitchen items. I can throw all the ingredients into the pot in the morning, and come home in the evening to a pretty much ready-to-go [...]

Mar 022014
Yes! Pingo revisit

Yes! Pingo is a Taiwanese restaurant that opened up on Convoy St. about a year ago. Its reception hasn’t been all that great by review sites and other bloggers, but S and I actually do enjoy some of the food items that were offered. Unfortunately for the restaurant, it just didn’t seem like there was [...]

Feb 192014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 3

Yup, I’m still working my way through my Taiwan photos. Looking back, I didn’t even get pictures of everything that we ate… too bad. At least the memory of them will stay with me until my next trip, hehe. On my first visit to Taiwan, S’s parents took us to a really nice Korean BBQ [...]

Feb 102014
[LA] Old Country Cafe

Old Country Cafe (老鄉親 in Chinese) is a Taiwanese restaurant in Los Angeles. S has heard good things about it, and we’ve checked out the Alhambra location on one of our past LA trips (other location is in Temple City). Unfortunately, I forgot to get photos of the restaurant itself, so this will be a [...]

Jan 272014
Snapshots from Taiwan, Part 2

Continuing with my Taiwan trip, I wanted to share a few more food-related adventures… In S’s hometown, Fengyuan, there’s a downtown market/shopping area called Miao Dong (廟東). There’s a hidden gem inside that S’s parents discovered a couple of years ago… Sashimi in Taiwan is really delicious, and really cheap compared to the US, so [...]

Jan 242014
[LA] Half & Half Tea House

Half & Half Tea House has pretty much become a sensation, thanks to its “Original Hot Honey Boba and Iced Milk Drinks.” The famous Iced Milk Drink is basically sweetened milk blended with ice and flavored with honey syrup from the boba, or whatever toppings that you choose. S and I have visited several Half [...]

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