Mar 032014
Taegukgi Korean BBQ House

I am a huge fan of Korean BBQ – sliced meats of all kinds, grilled at the table, sometimes marinated with a spicy sauce and paired with various dipping sauces. In San Diego, there are several all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurants, the most popular (and my current favorite) being Manna. However, S and I still like [...]

Nov 132013
[LA] Tamaen Japanese BBQ

Here’s another post from my recent visit to L.A. (Actually, I’m going to L.A. again this weekend, so this month might pretty much be L.A.-focused. Haha.) We were meeting up with some of our college buddies, and we decided to eat something nice. Since one of my friends is pretty familiar with the Torrance area, [...]

Jul 282013
Mapo Korean BBQ

S and I really love Korean BBQ. I first discovered all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ in Raleigh, North Carolina, on my 21st birthday! Haha. Looking back, the place really wasn’t that great – especially now that I’ve had Korean BBQ in California – but I really loved grilling all the meat that I can eat. In San [...]

Jan 052013
Tsuruhashi Japanese BBQ

On the last evening of my dad’s visit, he treated S and I to Tsuruhashi Japanese BBQ. Tsuruhashi has been on my bookmarks list for a while, and since Japanese BBQ is hard to find where my dad lives, he was happy to try it out. The restaurant is located in the Original Pancake House [...]

Oct 252012
Hoangies food truck

There are several food trucks that stop by my workplace for lunch – pretty much a different one everyday. However, I haven’t actually tried many of them because I usually bring my own lunch. Last week, though, I had the chance to try out one of my lab’s favorite trucks – Hoangie, the banh mi [...]

Oct 092012
Friend's House Korean BBQ & Tofu (a.k.a. Chingune)

Friend’s House Korean is one of our frequently-visited restaurants, but it has never made its way to my blog. We visited for a late-night dinner on Saturday, and I finally remembered to take pictures. We usually refer to the restaurant as “Chingune,” its Korean name (according to S, anyway). But we have no idea if [...]

Sep 052012
[SD Kearny Mesa] Sieu Sieu BBQ

One of my good friends has been telling me about Sieu Sieu BBQ ever since I posted about Sam Woo.  He had high recommendations for the roast duck, which is one of my favorite things from Cantonese-style barbecue. A display case of Cantonese barbecue meats greeted us as we walked in, and the restaurant is [...]