Aug 252014
Santouka Ramen

Santouka is a ramen shop that’s found in pretty much every Mitsuwa Marketplace, including the one in San Diego. (I’ve mentioned this before, but SD’s Mitsuwa is so small compared to the ones in Torrance and Costa Mesa! Sadface. Well, at least we do have Santouka.) I’ve had the ramen here several times already, but never [...]

Aug 012014
[Las Vegas] Sushi Mon

I’ve had All-You-Can-Eat sushi in Las Vegas before and wasn’t super impressed – the fish was just okay, service was slow, and the rolls weren’t too good. However, at my friends’ urging, we visited Sushi Mon on this past trip to Vegas. There are two locations – Sahara and Silverado Ranch – and we visited the [...]

May 282014
[Costa Mesa] Mochi Cream

Sorry for missing the Monday post this week! I’ve been quite busy lately, and with the recent heat wave, I haven’t done much cooking in the past couple of weeks. Today, I’m bringing you a post of my visit to Mochi Cream a while back. ‘ Mochi Cream, as you might tell from the name, [...]

May 212014

S and I have known about Hinotez, the sister restaurant to Yakyudori Yakitori, for quite some time but never took the time to check it out, mostly because we’ve heard that it isn’t as good. However, recently one of our friends wanted some late-night-ish (~10pm) Japanese food, and Yakyudori was really crowded and could not [...]

Apr 162014
[LA] Maruhide Uni Club

When I first heard about Maruhide Uni Club, I immediately added it to my “Restaurant Bookmarks” list since I love uni (sea urchin), and this is a whole restaurant dedicated to it! On a recent trip to LA, I finally got the chance to try it out. I heard that the lines for dinner can [...]

Apr 112014
Matcha Love

Matcha Love is a Japanese café that opened up in the Mitsuwa grocery store. I first saw the signs for the store about a week before the grand opening, which took place on March 28. Well, I couldn’t pass up anything matcha, so on the second day, I gathered up a few friends to check [...]

Mar 192014
Snacks Series: Pocky Varieties

Today’s Snacks Series has a theme… Pocky! If you don’t know, Pocky is a Japanese snack, with the original consisting of chocolate-covered biscuit sticks. They’ve apparently been around since 1966, and have come a long way from the simple chocolate coating. Like many other Asian kids growing up in the U.S., I had Pocky as [...]

Jan 222014
Izakaya Sakura

San Diego has a variety of decent Japanese restaurants, from ramen and izakayas to sushi bars. Izakaya Sakura is one of my favorites – they have a great lunch menu, which is served on weekends as well. I’ve only been once for dinner and only ate a small snack, but I’ve been meaning to return. [...]

Dec 162013
[LA] Sushi Go 55

On the last day of my mini-college reunion LA trip, we decided to get sushi for lunch. We had originally planned to try out the popular Sushi Gen, only to find out that they are closed on Sundays. My friend found this place using Yelp, so we decided to check it out. It’s located in [...]

Dec 132013
Wa Dining Okan

I’ve been to Wa Dining Okan once for dinner, and while the food was really delicious, it turned out to be quite expensive since each dish was quite small. (Think Japanese tapas.) We ordered lots of little plates, and the costs added up pretty quickly. But our friend told us that their lunch is a [...]