Apr 162014
[LA] Maruhide Uni Club

When I first heard about Maruhide Uni Club, I immediately added it to my “Restaurant Bookmarks” list since I love uni (sea urchin), and this is a whole restaurant dedicated to it! On a recent trip to LA, I finally got the chance to try it out. I heard that the lines for dinner can [...]

Apr 112014
Matcha Love

Matcha Love is a Japanese café that opened up in the Mitsuwa grocery store. I first saw the signs for the store about a week before the grand opening, which took place on March 28. Well, I couldn’t pass up anything matcha, so on the second day, I gathered up a few friends to check [...]

Mar 262014
Bao's Awesome Burgers & Sandwiches revisit

Bao’s Awesome Burgers & Sandwiches, or BABS for short, is one of my favorite “hidden gems” in San Diego. S and I really enjoy their burgers, which are a little different from a standard burger as you’ll see later in this post. It had been a while since our last visit, and when I read [...]

Mar 192014
Snacks Series: Pocky Varieties

Today’s Snacks Series has a theme… Pocky! If you don’t know, Pocky is a Japanese snack, with the original consisting of chocolate-covered biscuit sticks. They’ve apparently been around since 1966, and have come a long way from the simple chocolate coating. Like many other Asian kids growing up in the U.S., I had Pocky as [...]

Mar 032014
Taegukgi Korean BBQ House

I am a huge fan of Korean BBQ – sliced meats of all kinds, grilled at the table, sometimes marinated with a spicy sauce and paired with various dipping sauces. In San Diego, there are several all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurants, the most popular (and my current favorite) being Manna. However, S and I still like [...]

Feb 212014
Pho Ban Mai

S and I watched the Super Bowl a few weeks ago at our friends’ home in Mira Mesa. After the disappointingly uneventful game, we all wanted some dinner to cheer us up… even though there were plenty of snacks during the game. Haha. Anyway, our friend suggested Pho Ban Mai, which is pretty close to [...]

Feb 102014
[LA] Old Country Cafe

Old Country Cafe (老鄉親 in Chinese) is a Taiwanese restaurant in Los Angeles. S has heard good things about it, and we’ve checked out the Alhambra location on one of our past LA trips (other location is in Temple City). Unfortunately, I forgot to get photos of the restaurant itself, so this will be a [...]

Feb 072014
Que Huong

Recently, I had a lunch with some awesome blogger ladies… including Kirbie of Kirbie’s Cravings, Mary of This Tasty Life, CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, Cathy of mmm-yoso, Carol of CAB Cooks, and Darlene of My Burning Kitchen. I waited until a couple of other bloggers posted before writing this… since I didn’t [...]

Jan 242014
[LA] Half & Half Tea House

Half & Half Tea House has pretty much become a sensation, thanks to its “Original Hot Honey Boba and Iced Milk Drinks.” The famous Iced Milk Drink is basically sweetened milk blended with ice and flavored with honey syrup from the boba, or whatever toppings that you choose. S and I have visited several Half [...]

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