Jul 252014
It's Boba Time

It’s Boba Time is a milk tea/drinks franchise shop that recently opened up on Convoy, replacing the old Yoshinoya spot. Due to S’s deep and undying love for all things milk tea, we had to go check it out. The interior was quite cute – one of the walls was a painted mural, and there [...]

Jul 142014
Iceskimo (Grand Opening)

Iceskimo is a summer pop-up store in San Diego, serving snow-shaved ice! I was ultra-excited because I love snow-shaved ice, and my friend said that she visited during the soft opening and really liked it. I saw that there was a grand opening event two Saturdays ago, with free snow ice in the afternoon, so of course [...]

May 282014
[Costa Mesa] Mochi Cream

Sorry for missing the Monday post this week! I’ve been quite busy lately, and with the recent heat wave, I haven’t done much cooking in the past couple of weeks. Today, I’m bringing you a post of my visit to Mochi Cream a while back. ‘ Mochi Cream, as you might tell from the name, [...]

May 212014

S and I have known about Hinotez, the sister restaurant to Yakyudori Yakitori, for quite some time but never took the time to check it out, mostly because we’ve heard that it isn’t as good. However, recently one of our friends wanted some late-night-ish (~10pm) Japanese food, and Yakyudori was really crowded and could not [...]

May 142014
Szechuan Chef

Recently, a friend of ours had a birthday celebration/get-together – she wanted Sichuan food, and we decided to try out Szechuan Chef, a relatively recent (opened last summer) Sichuan cuisine addition to Convoy St. These Sichuan restaurants all have three-character Chinese names, and sometimes I get them mixed up… Szechuan Chef’s Chinese name is also [...]

May 062014
Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette is a Korean bakery chain with a couple of locations in San Diego: one inside H-Mart in Mira Mesa, and another inside Zion Marketplace in Kearny Mesa. PB has always had a decent selection of assorted pastries and breads, and I wanted to share some of the recent goodies that I’ve tried. Last [...]

May 022014
[LA] Mama Lu's Dumpling House

Recently, S and I were in LA for a friend’s wedding, so we took the chance to hit a few restaurants/spots on our LA “to-do” list. One of them is Mama Lu’s Dumpling House (Chinese name: 一口福), which serves what in Chinese is called mian shi (literally, “flour food” – noodles, dumplings, pancakes, etc – [...]

Apr 282014
Tea Garden new menu items

Recently, S’s and my beloved Tea Garden has introduced several new menu items, including mini hot pots and other traditional Taiwanese dishes. The hot pots, I wasn’t so impressed with, but there were a few things that we have tried and really enjoyed. Oyster pancakes are a classic Taiwanese snack, and S’s hometown, Fengyuan, is [...]