About Jinxi: 

I started this blog in the summer before senior year of college at Duke University, while I was exploring tons of restaurants around Durham, North Carolina. After college, my graduate degree pursuits have led me to Berkeley, California, then sunny San Diego, where I currently reside with my boyfriend, “S”.


Sunset Cliffs, Christmas Day 2013

I am not one of those people who have always been passionate about food – eating was more of a chore for me when I was a kid, but now, I can’t believe what I was thinking back then! I love trying out new restaurants and exploring different cuisines and cooking styles, and this blog is about my opinions on restaurants that I’ve visited, along with recipes and recaps from my kitchen adventures. As S and I are busy (and poor) grad students, you’ll find that most of the restaurants in the blog are pretty budget-friendly (but of course, there are definitely some special occasion places, too!). The recipes are also mostly quick and easy meals or snacks.


Cookies for the 2013 San Diego Food Bloggers’ bake sale

Please feel free to contact me through comments or email ([email protected]). I am always looking for new suggestions, tips for restaurants, and recipe ideas!

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