The Secret Cookie Service

I recently had the pleaure of interviewing Agent Snickerdoodle, the founder of The Secret Cookie Service, a late-night cookie delivery service in San Diego. For those of you who haven’t heard of this phenomenon, it’s exactly what it sounds like: got a midnight sweets craving? Call up the SCS and get your cookie fix delivered to your door!


This business was started by a former Ph.D. student at UCSD’s Department of Chemistry. He left the program after earning a Master’s and started this cookie delivery business – at first, sort of as a joke since he always said that he’d just sell his mom’s chocolate chip cookies. He started out with a few hundred Ziploc bags, 500 chocolate chip cookies, and some flyers around UCSD advertising home-baked cookies for sale. A few days later, he got his first order – and things just got big from there. Soon enough, he was baking out of a commercial kitchen, with a handful of hired staff for deliveries and baking. They started out at the UCSD campus area, but now have expanded to SDSU, and will be starting their delivery service at University of San Diego soon. I am incredibly impressed with how well his business is run; he oversees everything in the operation from new recipes to greeting customers at their front door.

As a Chemistry graduate student myself, I quickly connected with Agent Snickerdoodle and joked about our days in the lab. When I asked him how he manages to keep every batch of cookies consistent, he remarked that baking cookies is like a finely tuned science experiment – and it just takes practice. Once you’ve baked a few thousand cookies, it becomes second nature.

He was gracious enough to have me sample a few of their most popular cookie flavors:

Clockwise from top left: Snickerdoodle, Mint chocolate chip, Chocolate chip, and Cookies 'n Cream

Clockwise from top left: Snickerdoodle, Mint chocolate chip, Chocolate chip, and Cookies ‘n Cream

He describes all of their cookies as “semi-sweet, chewy, and soft” – he says that some prefer crunchy cookies, and his cookies are not for those people. They were all quite rich, and S and I actually thought they were on the sweet side of “semi-sweet” – but we do prefer less sweet desserts in general. My favorite flavor out of the four was the cookies ‘n cream – I love that the Oreos are finely crushed so that you get all the flavor, but in a soft cookie instead.


I asked Agent Snickerdoodle about future plans for the SCS, other than the USD expansion. He is definitely interested in getting ingredients locally sourced, to support local agriculture. He is also selling bite-sized cookies now at Cafe Mono in Mission Beach, and hoping to cater more events. He is also very invested in the community; the SCS is involved with Project Anti-Bullying as well as the Homeless Charter, which provides food and water for the homeless. I am very touched by how much he is focused on giving back to the community while running the business. I’m definitely a fan of the cookies and everything the SCS is doing, and send my best wishes to Agent Snickerdoodle and the SCS!

Some ordering details:
– The prices are pretty reasonable: four cookies for $6 ($5 for students/ military), and you can also get milk for $2 ($1.50 for students/ military). There is a minimum order of 6 cookies, 4 for students/ military.

– For delivery, on-campus (UCSD/SDSU) is $1, and $2 within a 5-mile radius of campus. If you live outside of the delivery zone, there is a 50 cent/mile surcharge for every mile outside of the 5-mile zone, and the minimum order is 8 cookies.

Delivery hours are listed at the bottom of the post. Call or text your order and you’ll receive a text 5 to 10 minutes later with an estimated time of delivery (usually 30-60 minutes).

Daytime orders are accepted – just call 24 hours in advance!

– Last but not least, Gift orders are super easy to place; just include “gift order” in your text or voicemail message, and someone will return your call to take your order and deliver your gift. It’s simple and a perfect way to send someone a treat. Unlike flowers or gift baskets, which take advanced planning, you can place an order and have your gift delivered within a few hours – comes in handy when you forgot your significant other’s birthday, or when you know your kid’s staying up all night cramming for an exam.

– By placing corporate orders over $100, you will receive a $20 gift certificate towards future orders.

– For community service & philanthropy groups, contact the SCS if you are interested in selling cookies for a fund-raiser.

– For student organizations, contact the SCS for donations to your events.


Disclaimer: I contacted Agent Snickerdoodle for an interview via email. For more information on ordering and the promotions, contact The Secret Cookie Service directly through email or phone. The cookie samples I received were complimentary, but all opinions are my own.


The Secret Cookie Service
UCSD orders: (727) 487-2782
SDSU orders: (619) 356-8502

Hours: Sun 7pm-1am; Mon-Thu 7pm-2am; Fri-Sat 8pm-2am


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    The Secret Cookie Service is such a fun company! I ended up like the chocolate chip cookies the best. Normally I prefer crunchier cookies, but these sometimes just hit the spot.

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      Thanks for the recommending me to contact him! I wish there was a cookie delivery service when I was an undergrad hehe.

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