The Original Sab-E-Lee

Several people have recommended The Original Sab-E-Lee to S and me, especially after hearing my raves about Koon Thai Kitchen. We decided to go check it out!

Original Sab-E-Lee, located in Linda Vista

Original Sab-E-Lee

The restaurant is kind of a hole-in-the-wall place, with just three or four tables. According to one of my friends, they have a whole other seating area in the back that’s really nice, but we didn’t see any sign of another seating area. Oh well, down-to-earth, hole-in-the-wall experience it is – I actually enjoy it.


I thought their spice level descriptions were really cute. Hehe. Normally I’d just go for a 10, but I have been trying to tone down the heat recently. I think we just asked for something in the “4-7″ range.

Pad see ew with beef ($6.95)

Pad see ew with beef ($6.95)

Pad see ew – flat rice noodles stir-fried with beef and (Chinese or regular) broccoli in a soy-based sauce – is my go-to dish at Thai places. This restaurant’s version was quite good – it was very flavorful but not too greasy, the noodles were cooked perfectly (not too sticky or too hard), and there was a generous amount of beef and Chinese broccoli. It’s slightly sweeter than other restaurants, which I liked.

Red curry with pork ($7.25)

Red curry with pork ($7.25)

S ordered red curry, one of his favorites. We sometimes joke that we always order the same few things at Thai restaurants, but I guess this is our way of judging a place. Here the red curry was flavorful and creamy but not too heavy, and there was a good amount of pork, bell peppers, and bamboo shoots.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Original Sab-E-Lee. The dishes are very affordably-priced – definitely for the student budget. S and I would definitely return next time we have a Thai food craving (especially if we’re shopping at Fashion Valley).

The Original Sab-E-Lee2405 Ulric St., San Diego, CA

Hours: Tue-Sun 10:30am-9:30pm


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    I’ll definitely try it out. We came on a whim and didn’t realize that the cooks are from Issan, so next time I’m ordering the Issan dishes!

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    Looks like they have a sign now! The window or blue awning used to be plain and you would never know there was an eatery there. Plus, seating area in the back? This is news to me. Maybe they’re thinking of the other Sab e Lee in Santee? I haven’t been to this location in a while, but I always get the Issan sausage with sticky rice. One of my other faves is the Beef Nahm Tok (which is super hot, to me at least) and the papaya salad.

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      Haha there wasn’t even a sign before? It’s gotten quite an upgrade then :P I was very surprised by the claims of the other seating area and will be asking my friend for some more details! Thanks for the recommendations! I’m looking forward to trying out some new things (other than my go-to curry and pad see ew, haha!).

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        No, it was totally unmarked, except for a small sign that said “Thai Food”. My fave is that Issan Sausage (it used to be #48 on their menu).


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