[LA] Headline’s Diner & Press Club

I finally dug up the photos from our last trip to LA (yes, the same trip where we had ABC Cafe and Cafe Spot). We were looking to grab a quick lunch near UCLA, and I found Headline’s Diner & Press Club through Yelp.

It’s a pretty small diner – a handful of tables and seats at the counter. We sat at the counter. Notice that there’s a mirror on the back wall to make the place look bigger! Clever trick indeed, since both S and I thought that there was more seating in the back. Haha.

The menu is pretty simple – breakfast platters like scrambled eggs, omelettes, bacon, and sandwiches. Normally I choose breakfast, but that day I chose a sandwich. It turned out to be a good decision.

Tuna croissant, served with fruit ($7.75)

While the tuna salad was not bad, the croissant was quite underwhelming and dry. I feel like if you’re going to serve sandwiches on a croissant, it should be a good croissant – doesn’t have to be French patisserie quality, but at least not stale…

Bruin Special – 2 pancakes, 3 eggs, hash brown, 2 slices of bacon & 2 sausages links ($7.69)

S ordered the Bruin Special, which seems like a hefty plate of food from the description. Well.. it was all right. As you can see, the bacon is pretty flimsy, and the sausage links were small. Hash browns are nothing like the crispy, browned thin potato slices that we love – it’s more of a… scalloped-potatoes hash? Not really sure how to describe but it’s definitely not hash browns. I was quite disappointed.

Overall, we weren’t very satisfied with the meal, but I guess I can see why college students would like the place. (After all, greasy diner food screams hangover cure.) For my diner fix, I still think Studio Diner is the best I’ve had since moving to San Diego.

Headline’s Diner & Press Club
10922 Kinross Ave, Los Angeles, CA


Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-10pm; Sat-Sun 7am-10pm

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