[Irvine] Snowflake ice at Class 302

I recently visited Boiling Point in Irvine with some friends for Taiwanese hot pot. And since we were already there… of course we had to go to Class 302 for snowflake ice! I didn’t get the snowflake ice last time I visited Class 302, and I was determined to make up for it this time.

We arrived around 9pm, and there was still quite a line for dine-in – we waited about half an hour for a table of five. By then, we had already decided what we wanted to order. The five of us decided to share two orders of snowflake ice, since we were actually pretty full from hot pot. (But we always manage to make some room for dessert. I love my friends.)

Super cute apple-shaped bowls

I’ve only had snowflake ice once before, at Liang’s Kitchen. According to local snowflake ice expert Kirbie, the version at Liang’s Kitchen pales in comparison with the ice at Class 302, which tops her rankings. I was super excited.

There were quite a few varieties, and it was hard to choose, but in the end, we decided on the green tea snow and peanut snow.

Green Tea Azuki Bean: green tea snow, azuki beans, mochi, milk pudding, condensed milk

When this arrived, I realized immediately why this is good snowflake ice – look at those thin, loose layers! It was very fluffy and soft, definitely reminded me of catching snowflakes on my tongue when I was little. I loved the texture and the green tea flavor. However, I’m not a big fan of azuki beans, so I didn’t eat too much of this one (although I did work hard to dig for the pudding hidden inside).

Peanut Mochi: roasted peanut snow, mochi, honey boba (served separately), brown sugar syrup, condensed milk

All of us actually liked the Peanut & Mochi snow better. As you might have noticed, the snowflake is shaved into thin, flat layers, whereas the green tea snow was shaved into longer pieces. The flat layers lingered a bit longer on your tongue, so you get a slightly stronger flavor. I loved the peanut flavor, intensified by the peanut powder sprinkled on top. I was also very impressed with the mochi in both of the snowflake ice’s – despite being served with such a cold dessert, it remained chewy and soft. It was really good with the peanut snow.

I was very happy with the snowflake ice experience at Class 302 – it was just as good as I had expected. If only there were one in San Diego! Thankfully, other friends and bloggers have recommended some good snowflake ice places in San Diego, so hopefully I’ll get to check those out soon.

Class 302 (Irvine location)18090 Culver Dr., Irvine, CA

Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-12am; Fri-Sat 11am-1am


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    That stuff looks like heaven! The peanut one looks like my kind of thing too – peanut flavored things are held near and dear to my heart. If I’m ever in Irvine… I’ll have to check this out!

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    Yay!!! I’m so excited you go to try Class 302. I love the mochi at 302. The big chunks are so good and that’s one thing lacking from the newer places that offer Snowflake ice. I usually get the Golden Mango which has mango pieces and the mochi. Sometimes I ask for the Golden Mango but substitute the mango flavored snow for the milk snow. I think the Crepe place in SD has the best texture for snow in SD, though they barely have any toppings. And Yogurt Swirl is decent too. I just had a really good black sesame shaved snow in West LA. Will be blogging about it soon.

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      :D It was soo good! I totally see why you think Class 302 tops your rankings. I hope I’ll have time to try out either the crepe place or Yogurt Swirl before I leave for the holidays this weekend – no snowflake ice in Texas (as far as I know)! :((


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