[SD Gaslamp] Extraordinary Desserts

Ahh, dessert.  I love pastries and desserts, and in my opinion, I don’t go to Extraordinary Desserts nearly often enough.  So when S’s sister was in town last weekend (go check out her food blog!), I saw it as an excellent excuse to take her out for an evening of gluttony for some yummy treats.

There are several locations in San Diego, but I’ve actually only been to the one on Fifth Avenue.  It has a nice cafe and outdoor seating area – but we decided to take our desserts back home to enjoy at our leisurely pace.

We visited on a Friday night after dinner, so the line was quite long.  It took about thirty minutes to get to the counter, but that’s okay – more time for us to take photos of everything in sight.  I wanted to eat everything, but alas my stomach has limits.

Selection of teas

Assorted cookies

Crème brûlée bun

Strawberry scones

Danish Parisienne (I’ve tried this before with S – it was so good)

Chocolate strudel

Lemon meringue Napoleon

Devonshire strawberry shortcake

As you can probably tell, it was so, so hard to make up my mind.  I finally went with a napoleon and a creme brulee bun – both of which have puff pastry, my favorite.

Lemon meringue Napoleon & Crème brûlée bun

I loved the crème brûlée bun – it was basically vanilla custard enveloped in a croissant/ morning bun.  You could think of it as a cream cheese danish with puffier puff pastry and creamier filling… or you could just eat the whole thing without thinking about anything except how gosh-darn delicious this is.

Eating Monster’s French apple pie

This was not your traditional apple pie – it had a pie “crust” shell with apple pie filling inside.  The pie crust was amazing, and the filling was pretty good, too.  Instead of the usual Granny Smith apples, it used a crunchy apple variety, providing a nice crisp to every bite.  The flavor was simple, mostly brown sugar and cinnamon, but just spot-on.

Lemon meringue napoleon

The napoleon had a delicious lemon curd for the filling and meringue on top.  I love the look of the torched meringue and how it adds a caramel note, but the texture was quite disappointing.  It was very gritty, like you could taste the individual sugar crystals – I would much prefer smooth, velvety meringue that I’ve always had.

I love trying out new desserts and pastries, and I know I can always find something creative and new at Extraordinary Desserts.  What is the best dessert you’ve had here, or anywhere in San Diego?

Extraordinary Desserts
Balboa Park: 2929 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA
(619) 294-2132
Little Italy: 1430 Union St., San Diego, CA
(619) 294-7001



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