[Berkeley] My favorite brunch/lunch spot: La Note

I just realized that I had an entire folder of photos from January 2012 that I had forgotten… which means that I will be playing catch-up again, and a flood of posts will hopefully be coming soon!

I’ll start with the Berkeley places, since I’ve been missing Berkeley a lot these days.  There are also food pics from a somewhat random trip to LA.. but you’ll get to read about that later =P

So the first in this catch-up series is about La Note, one of my favorite restaurants.  I cannot believe that I discovered this place less than 2 months before I had to leave Berkeley… alas, I was only able to squeeze in two visits before I left, but both were wonderful experiences.

My first visit here was for weekend brunch with SK.  We figured that with just the two of us, the wait would not be too long – and I was right; we were seated in about 15 minutes.  The restaurant exterior doesn’t look like much, but the inside is adorable: wooden chairs and tables, items written on a chalkboard, flowers on every table… I loved the charm.

I started off with “Le Pagnol”, orange and cranberry juice with Perrier ($2.95) – I don’t normally order beverages at restaurants, but I gave in to the brunch-y atmosphere.  From the food menu, we ordered a couple of things to share:

Omelette Fromage et Jambon ("Emmenthal cheese and ham omelette, served with homefries and choice of toast"), $12.95

This was so. good.  Possibly the best omelette I’ve ever had.  (Okay, maybe my most recent memory of an omelette is from the dining hall in college, so that’s not even a valid comparison.)  The eggs were incredibly fluffy – perhaps a hint of heavy cream or creme fraiche?  The ham and cheese were also spectacular; the Emmenthal was mild, which was perfect for an omelette since anything heavier would have outdone the eggs.  It also went well with the ham – overall, a pretty perfect dish.  It was served with sourdough toast and seasoned homefries, which were flavorful and had a nice, crispy outside.

Creme fraiche pancake, $4.50/single

This pancake basically reaffirmed my love for creme fraiche.  I am normally not a fan of pancakes (waffles are more of my thing), but add some creme fraiche in the batter/ swirled on top?  I’m a fan.  Creme fraiche will be a permanent item in my fridge from now on…

During my second visit, I tried one of their sandwiches, the Croque Madame (ham, cheese, and sunny-side up egg on pan de mie with bechamel, $11.95) – again, it was awesome.  I simply loved their bechamel sauce.  Sadly, I did not get a photo, but trust me, it was delicious.

Writing about La Note makes me want to fly back to Berkeley just to eat there again!  It is definitely on my list of favorite restaurants in Berkeley.  Please go try it if you haven’t yet – and tell me what you ate!

La Note
2377 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA
(510) 843-1535

Breakfast & lunch, Mon-Fri  8am-2:3opm
Brunch, Sat-Sun                      8am-3pm
Dinner, Thu-Sun                     6pm-1opm


  1. Wayne says

    Ah, La Note – one of my favourite memories of Berkeley. There’s always a line outside but it’s so worth it. And then their dinners are awesome too :)


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